How I Paint Armor

My new tutorial video is out! It follows a brief lecture as I go over some points on painting armor. You can find it at my Gumroad.

And see a preview of it sped up at my Youtube.

I plan to keep producing videos like this. I've always had a passion for teaching and always believed in sharing knowledge throughout the art community. 

I can't vouch for how informative it'll all be. As a career, I'm still just hitting the surface of things and there's so much to learn still, but I needed to make what I do learn accessible to anyone that wants it or can learn. Having to establish these ideas as lessons and talks force me to grow, too. You'd be surprised what I've learned just trying to talk about my technique!

So I hope you'll follow along with me as I continue. I hope to make future videos a little more pointed and planned when it comes to painting more complex things. I definitely think this one could have been handled better, and could contain more focused approaches, but tumultuous is the life of an illustrator and personal videos sometimes have to wait and be interrupted. I hope to get a Patreon in the works so that the smaller jobs can be left behind to focus more on things like this, but I want to continue releasing material and have some notches under my pen before all that.

So thanks again, and enjoy!