I've always believed that it is the duty of a craftsman to hand down his knowledge to future generations so that the art form can continue to grow unhindered and in miraculous ways. In the spirit of that belief I've begun offering free tutorials of my most recent paintings to anyone who wants to view them. In them I discuss a broad list of subjects spanning composition, portraiture, and more. If you have any comments on these or future videos— feel free to email me at allenmorrisart@gmail.com.

I hope that these videos can offer you some help as you continue your artistic journey.

How I paint: Hands

Hands can often be the most challenging part of painting a figure. They're unlike any other part of the form and visibly the most complex. On the other hand, they can be some of the most evocative and expressive tools in imagery— as strong as any portrait. . 

Follow along as I demonstrate my technique of painting two separate hands in two very different illustrations. In Part I we discuss the hand as a focal point for a scene, while Part II handles the hands as a co-star of a character portrait. Altogether I've included 3 hours of content, along with JPGs of the finished images and my own brushes.


How I paint: A Portrait

Follow me for 5+ hours as I take a digital portrait from thumbnails to final touches. You'll look over my shoulder as I describe each step in my thinking about mixing a digital color palette, following the anatomy of my reference, building a composition, and painting from first marks to final adjustments. 

Below is a sped-up preview:


How I Paint: Armor

Follow me as I give a brief tutorial on painting metal, then speed through the completion of my illustration "Old Guard." I'll talk about turning a form as it reflects around the surface, specular highlights, and showing wear and tear, along with compositional elements.

Below is a sped-up preview:


How I Paint: The Golden Snitch

In this video I continue and condense my lecture on painting metal— making sure to go over key points in a much more pointed method than the previous video on painting armor. Some of the ideas include reflection, saturation, scratches to worn surfaces, and ornate embossing / beveling. I hope you enjoy!

Below is a sped-up preview: