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I've always felt that it's an artist's responsibility to share their knowledge. More-so, I've always had a great passion for teaching. Over the years I've had the pleasure of giving in-depth critiques to some amazing artists in order to push their work even further. 

As my own professional career has become more time consuming I've been less able to give in-depth critiques in my free time while at the same time attracting more would-be students. In the spirit of making myself more available to give personalized feedback I've started a mentorship program. 


In the mentorship we'll work to develop a personalized program that fits your work at whatever level. I'll work with you at the times you feel best available on a one-on-one basis with the possibility of broader lectures to multiple mentees. 

Although this will be personalized to you, I can guarantee these things:

  • At least four 1-2 hour personalized calls (skype or other) per month)
  • Access to any and all of my own psds and process streaming
  • In-depth lectures that focus on composition, portraiture, rendering, and narrative illustration as a whole as it pertains to you. 


*As this is new, I'm currently limiting the program to two individual students at a time. If you're interested, please send an email to so we can assess whether this is a good fit for you before signing up. 



**as a final note, I'm still happy to look at work through my usual email and share my thoughts, but lack the time for more in-depth paintovers